GitGud returns for Season 5!

For many, Overwatch tends to be a toxic grind up the competitive ladder; but here at GitGud, we aim to provide a safe and positive community for everyone to play Overwatch the way the game was meant to be played. Make new friends, enjoy the competitive edge, and learn effective strategies for taking the point.

We are proud to announce that we will now also give all XBox and PS4 players a chance to enjoy our GitGud tournament.

A lot of new things are coming your way this season:

Hero Pools

The tournament will follow the official hero pool from Blizzard, which is released every Monday and will be valid for the upcoming 2 matches.


You heard that right, GitGud will now also be available for all you Console players. The season will follow slightly different rules and dates, so check out the console rulebook.

Tournament Information (Console)

GitGud for Console will mostly be handled in a similar way than our PC counterpart with some adjustments. Here are the most important similarities and differences:

  • NA and EU region
  • XBox and PS4 division per region
  • Solo Player Signup Process
  • No SR limitation or division split
  • 5 weeks of Group Stages in Swiss format
  • 1 game per week (Saturday)
  • Fight for Redemption
  • 2 weeks of Playoffs

In order to not collide with the PC Playoff schedule, the Console tournament will start 3 weeks later.

Solo Signups

Solo Signups are back, but with a slightly different approach. Solo Players can now sign up on our website to make the process easier for everyone. In addition, Solo Signup Teams will be given more time before tournament signups open, but they also have to sign up manually in order to participate.

Season Schedule

Event PC Dates Console Dates
Solo Signups Open Tuesday, April 21th Monday, May 11th
Solo Signups Close Monday, April 27th Sunday, May 17th
Tournament Signups Open Monday, May 11th Monday, June 1st
Tournament Signups Close Sunday, May 17th Sunday, June 7th
Group Stages Start (*per week) Friday, May 29th (2 matches) Saturday, June 20th (1 match)
Group Stages End (5 weeks in total) Sunday, June 28th Saturday, July 18th
Fight for Redemption Friday, July 3rd Friday, July 24th

Playoff Schedule

All Times Subject to Change

  • UB: Upper Bracket
  • LB: Lower Bracket

EU: All times in CEST GitGud Season 5 EU Playoffs

NA: All times in EDT GitGud Season 5 NA Playoffs


Season 5 is being back with 2 matches per week (1 match for console), with a match on Friday as well as on Sunday. The Group Stage will run for 5 weeks in the usual Swiss format.

PLAY: Your team will play two matches every weekend (one for console) so grind up those skills and get prepared. Don’t have a team? We can put you on one with our Solo Player Signups!

WATCH: We will select a few of those matches to be streamed every Friday, Saturday and Sunday on our Twitch channel. Stay tuned on our Twitter to get more details.

First time here? please read the full rules PDF:

PC rules PDF

Console rules PDF

Manager Guide PDF

Playoffs Guide PDF

Fight for Redemption Guide PDF

GitGud Quick Rule Overview

Map Order and Pool

Control / Escort / Hybrid / Assault / Control (not played yet)

  • Control: Lijiang / Nepal / Oasis
  • Escort: Rialto / Junkertown / Route 66
  • Hybrid: Blizzard World / Hollywood / King's Row
  • Assault: Hanamura / Temple of Anubis / Volskaya Industries

Lobby Settings

  • Presets: Competitive
  • Modes, All: Kill Cam Off
  • Modes, All: Skins Disabled
  • Pause on Disconnect: Off
  • Lobby, Spectators: None, Invite Only
  • Heroes, Hero Roster: Disable banned heroes
  • Workshop Code:


  • The match must start within 15 minutes of the scheduled time
  • Managers are responsible to check the opponents team roster
  • Higher seed team creates lobby (top team in the matchup on Toornament)
  • Higher seed team selects first control map
  • Lower seed team selects side (if applicable)
  • Losing team selects next map, winner selects side
  • Tie: The team that lost the previous map will select the next map, the other team will pick side
  • Subbing in a player is only allowed between maps


  • Two 5 minutes pause per match, per team
  • No pause allowed during a team fight - wait until the fight ended
  • Max. waiting time between maps 5 minutes
  • If either team is not ready after those 5 minutes, they must either forfeit the match or play with an incomplete roster.
  • When requesting a referee, pause timers will stop until a suitable solution is reached

Ringers (one time sub)

  • Max. two ringers per match (unless opponent agrees to more)
  • Placed in the current competitive season (for the role that is played)
  • Peak SR (for any role) cannot be higher than division limit (current season)
    • Beginner Ringer < 2499 SR
    • Rookie Ringer < 2999 SR
    • Intermediate Ringer < 3499 SR
    • Advanced Ringer < 3999 SR
    • Expert Ringer < 4350 SR
  • Should only be used if a team cannot fill 2 tank/dps/support players from their official roster
  • If possible should be announced in the match in manager channel on Discord beforehand
  • The same ringer can only be used for 3 matches before they need to be added to the roster

Roster additions/changes

  • Placed in the current competitive season for any role(s) they want to play
  • Peak SR (any role) cannot be higher than division limit (current and last two seasons)
    • Beginner Ringer < 2499 SR
    • Rookie Ringer < 2999 SR
    • Intermediate Ringer < 3499 SR
    • Advanced Ringer < 3999 SR
    • Expert Ringer < 4350 SR
  • Need to be submitted via “Change Form” form (NA and EU link on left)


  • Players are allowed to climb up to one division
    • Beginner can climb to 2999
    • Rookie can climb to 3499
    • Intermediate can climb to 3999
    • Advanced can climb to 4350
    • Expert has no limit
  • Players that exceed these limits on any given role, are not allowed to play this role anymore. If all roles are above this limit, the player cannot play for their team anymore (due to two division differences)

Format and Schedule

PC Console
  • Swiss format (depending on division size)
  • Two matches per week
  • Group Stage: 10 rounds
  • Round 1: Friday, May 29th
  • Round 2: Sunday, May 31st
  • Round 3: Friday, June 5th
  • Round 4: Sunday, June 7th
  • Round 5: Friday, June 12th
  • Round 6: Sunday, June 14th
  • Round 7: Friday, June 19th
  • Round 8: Sunday, June 21th
  • Round 9: Friday, June 26th
  • Round 10: Sunday, June 28th
  • Swiss format (depending on division size)
  • One match per week
  • Group Stage: 5 rounds
  • Round 1: Saturday, June 20th
  • Round 2: Saturday, June 27th
  • Round 3: Saturday, July 4th
  • Round 4: Saturday, July 11th
  • Round 5: Saturday, July 18th
Match times: Friday/Sunday 8PM EDT/CEST Match times: Saturday 8PM EDT/CEST
Playoffs will take place from July 4th to July 19th, depending on division Playoffs will take place from July 25th to August 2nd.
Exact dates and times will follow once teams are released.


EU Rosters:

NA Rosters: