GitGud is back for Season 6!

For many, Overwatch tends to be a toxic grind up the competitive ladder; but here at GitGud, we aim to provide a safe and positive community for everyone to play Overwatch the way the game was meant to be played. Make new friends, enjoy the competitive edge, and learn effective strategies for taking the point.

Did you know GitGud has its 2 year anniversary? Our first ever season ran from August through September 2018. If that’s not something to celebrate? So prepare for one of our best seasons yet!!


In Season 5 we first introduced console divisions. While mostly successful, there were not enough division splits. We heard you and will run all divisions from Gold to GM this time around. Filling divisions still depends on the amount of signups, so make sure you sign up to make each division happen!

New PC division

We will add a new division called “Unlimited”, which is for teams that did not quite fit our normal SR restrictions in Expert (peak SR of 4300 on any role max.). We know a lot of content creators and streamers have been interested in participating and we want to welcome them to our tournament as well.

More streams - more fun

You want more chances to be streamed? Want to watch even more GitGud games? We will now stream 3 games per region, every Friday and Sunday! Starting at 6.30pm CEST/ET, you can watch GitGud until 11pm CEST/ET. We do want to engage more with our viewers as well, to make our streams even more entertaining, so make sure to tune in for a lot of surprises!

Best logo contest

Participating teams have always been known to come up with amazing and fun logos for their team, and we want to reward this. Every team that has a logo will now enter in our logo contest, where every week a different division will have their logos being voted as best logo, ending in a final showdown through all divisions. So turn up with your best logos!


You heard that right, during GitGud you will have the chance to get limited edition merch with our new GitGud branding. Grab them now before they are gone forever. And who knows, they might grow in value over time :P

Season Schedule

Event Dates
Solo Signups Open Monday, Sept. 14th
Solo Signups Close Sunday, Sept. 20th
Tournament/Team Signups Open Monday, Oct. 5th
Tournament/Team Signups Close Saturday, Oct. 17th
Group Stages Start (Fri./Sun. for PC / Sat. for Console) Friday, Oct. 23rd
PC Group Stages End (5 weeks in total) Sunday, Nov. 22th
Console Group Stages End (6 weeks in total) Saturday, Nov. 28th
PC Playoffs Friday, Nov. 27th - Sunday, Dec. 6th
Console Playoffs Friday, Dec.. 4th - Sunday, Dec. 13th


Solo Players can sign up through the website (Link in the left navigation) Teams can sign up through our website (this includes the created teams out of solo signups).

PLAY: Your team will play one (Console) to two (PC) matches every weekend, so grind up those skills and get prepared. Don’t have a team? We can put you on one with our Solo Player Signups!

WATCH: We will select a few of those matches to be streamed every Friday, Saturday and Sunday on our Twitch channel. Stay tuned on our Twitter to get more details.

First time here? please read the full rules PDF:

Playoff Guide PDF

Official Rulebook PDF

Manager Guide PDF

GitGud Quick Rule Overview

Map Order and Pool

Control / Escort / Hybrid / Assault / Control (not played yet)

  • Control: Illios / Busan / Oasis
  • Escort: Rialto / Gibraltar / Route 66
  • Hybrid: Blizzard World / Hollywood / Numbani
  • Assault: Hanamura / Temple of Anubis / Volskaya Industries

Lobby Settings

  • Presets: Competitive
  • Modes, All: Kill Cam Off
  • Modes, All: Skins Disabled
  • Pause on Disconnect: Off
  • Lobby, Spectators: None, Invite Only
  • Heroes, Hero Roster: Disable banned heroes
  • Workshop Code:


  • The match must start within 15 minutes of the scheduled time
  • Managers are responsible to check the opponents team roster
  • Higher seed team creates lobby (left team in the matchup on Battlefy)
  • First to three - first team to win three maps total wins the match
  • Higher seed team selects first control map
  • Lower seed team selects side (if applicable)
  • Losing team selects next map, winner selects side
  • Tie: The team that lost the previous map will select the next map, the other team will pick side
  • Subbing in a player is only allowed between maps


  • Two 5 minutes pause per match, per team
  • No pause allowed during a team fight - wait until the fight ended
  • Max. waiting time between maps 5 minutes
  • If either team is not ready after those 5 minutes, they must either forfeit the match or play with an incomplete roster.
  • When requesting a referee, pause timers will stop until a suitable solution is reached

Ringers (one time sub)

  • Max. two ringers per match (unless opponent agrees to more)
  • Placed in the current competitive season (for the role that is played)
  • Has to be level 150+
  • Peak SR (for any role) cannot be higher than division limit (current season)
    • Beginner Ringer < 2499 SR
    • Rookie Ringer < 2999 SR
    • Intermediate Ringer < 3499 SR
    • Advanced Ringer < 3899 SR
    • Expert Ringer < 4299 SR
    • Unlimited no limit
  • Should only be used if a team cannot fill 2 tank/dps/support players from their official roster
  • If possible should be announced in the match in manager channel on Discord beforehand
  • The same ringer can only be used for 3 matches before they need to be added to the roster

Roster additions/changes

  • Placed in the current competitive season for any role(s) they want to play
  • Peak SR (any role) cannot be higher than division limit (current and last two seasons)
    • Beginner < 2499 SR
    • Rookie < 2999 SR
    • Intermediate < 3499 SR
    • Advanced < 3899 SR
    • Expert/Unlimited < 4299 SR
    • Unlimited ...
  • Need to be submitted via “Change Form” form (NA and EU link on left)


  • Players are allowed to climb up to one division
    • Beginner can climb to 2999
    • Rookie can climb to 3499
    • Intermediate can climb to 3899
    • Advanced can climb to 4299
    • Expert/Unlimited has no limit
  • Players that exceed these limits on any given role, are not allowed to play this role anymore. If all roles are above this limit, the player cannot play for their team anymore (due to two division differences)

Format and Schedule

The tournament is played in a swiss format during the group stage (depending on division size).

Standard time for matches: 20:00 CET / 8pm ET

Group Stage PC
  • From October 23rd to November 22nd
  • Two games a week for five weeks
  • Every Friday and Sunday
Group Stage Console
  • From October 24th to November 28th
  • One game a week for six weeks
  • Every Saturday
PC: Friday, November 27th to Sunday, December 6th
Console: Friday, December 4th to Sunday, December 13th

Exact dates and times will be released once the teams have been announced.

Frequently Asked Questions


For solo players sign ups close on Sunday, September 15th

For premade teams sign ups close on on Sunday, September 22nd Respectively at 23.59 CEST for EU and 11.59pm EDT for NA

You can both apply, but you will most likely not end up in the same team. We do not give special consideration to be placed with friends as teams are created through an automatic algorithm.

To increase your chances you should not pick the same roles and fill out availability for the same days/time. If you don’t end up in the same team, you can both later discuss this with your managers and see if you can swap teams.

Make sure to send screenshots of both accounts and sign up with the highest placed account.

Group Stage / Playoffs / Matches

The first group stage match will be played on Friday, October 4th


Round 1: Friday October 4th Round 2: Saturday October 5th Round 3: Friday October 11th Round 4: Saturday October 12th Round 5: Friday October 18th Round 6: Saturday October 19th Round 7: Friday October 25th Round 8: Saturday October 26th Round 9: Friday November 1st Round 10: Saturday November 2nd

EU Friday 8PM CEST / Saturday 8PM CEST NA Friday 8PM EDT / Saturday 8PM EDT

You can reschedule matches if the other team agrees, please check the rulebook for more information!

This will depend on the number of teams per division and exact dates will be released around a week after premade signups end. The last day for playoffs will definitely be November 23rd.

  1. You can ask the manager of the opposing team to reschedule a match, which then is up to them to accept or decline.
  2. Get a ringer for the matches that a player cannot attend.
  3. Make sure you fill all 9 possible roster slots, so you have three extra players for these scenarios.

In order to release the matches for the Saturday games, we decided that the latest start time for Friday games is 8PM CEST/EDT, so that these will be done around 2 hours after. This will give us time to enter all scores and release the round for Saturday.

You can however reschedule your Friday games anytime between Wednesday and Friday 8PM CEST/EDT (start time). Saturday games can be played anytime between Saturday and Monday 10PM CEST/EDT (start time).

If you have been selected for stream, original match times apply!

For EU, winter time will start on October 27th, for NA on November 3rd, and match times will stay the same.

EU Friday 8PM CET / Saturday 2PM CET NA Friday 8PM EST / Saturday 2PM EST

Placements and SR

As per our rulebook, your account needs to be placed in the current season for the role you want to play, so please make sure to place your account before signing up.

As the role lock has just been introduced, we won’t look at previous seasons this time around. It’s a new SR system and we will treat it as such and have to trust Blizzard that you are in the correct SR range. You need to be placed in the current season for the role you are playing, so please finish your placements before signing up.

No. You only have to place for the role you want to play during GitGud. If you only want to play tank, you have to do your placements as tank. You can however, play more than one role if needed and you would then also need to do placements for all additional roles. The peak SR of your primary role will determine if you are allowed to play other roles or not. If for example your tank is placed in Diamond, your DPS in Masters and your Support in Platinum, you would not be allowed to swap to DPS during the tournament, but you are free to swap to Support if necessary.

The tournament is called GitGud, we won’t prevent you from getting better or stopping you from playing competitive ladder. Unless there is a huge jump across two divisions, for example you go from 2.8k SR to 3.7k SR (which is rather unlikely and looks fishy) then you would not be allowed to play for your team anymore.

Make sure to send screenshots of both accounts and sign up with the highest placed account.

Roster / Team

For the solo signups, we try our best to get teams sorted as soon as possible after sign ups close. We plan to announce the solo signup teams no later than September 22nd. The premade teams should be announced one week after, September 29th latest.

You are free to have a coach and we also need your team to have an assistant manager (due to managers not always being available for match days in the past). After the teams have been announced, you can use the change form to add coaches, managers (for solo signups) and assistant managers, which will then be visible to everyone through the roster spreadsheet.

You can add a manger through the change form.

Premade Teams

If just one of the players peaked above a division limit for individuals, the team will be placed in the higher division, despite the teams average SR. You also can only have a maximum of two players that are allowed to be over the division limit but under the individual player limit. If three players are outside the division range, then the team will also be placed in the next division.

Example: a team with an average of 3.2k SR and a player that peaked 3.9k SR will be placed in the Advanced division.

If all players have peaks in the same SR range for a division, they will be placed there. Example: A 2.3k team with no player peaking over 2750 SR, will be placed in the Beginner division.

The peak of players will be taken into consideration for the current season.

No, you need all 6 players in order to sign up to the tournament. Adding a missing player after the signups ended is not allowed.

Solo Players

This will be done automatically with a smart tool (and after that another look over from the tournament admins), which takes your peak SR into account, as well as the other information you provided during sign up. So don't worry too much about it, be assured you will 99% be placed in the correct division.

Yes, you can still be a substitute/ringer for any GG team if they need them. Please check out the #eu-ringers and #eu-players channels in the main Elo Hell Discord.

We also plan to add all players that have not made it into a team (mostly due to an uneven amount of roles during signup) in a separate tab in the roster spreadsheet, so teams that are looking to fill roles can contact players that definitely want to play in the tournament first.


We will hold meeting sessions for all new managers prior to the group stages, which will touch all of these topics in detail.

When the teams have just been announced, give people at least some days to respond - they still have a real life.

In general, you do have the authority to make these kinds of decisions, but also give them time to scrim for a bit. People have different mindsets coming into the tournament so you should work towards a goal everyone agrees on and make compromises. As per rulebook, we have core values, a big one is to have fun. Go check them out again.