Lamesauce's Xbox Showcase Season 2

Lamesauce's Xbox Showcase is a tournament endeavor produced by the Elo Hell Esports and casted to the world. The tournament will be held in the NA region for 16 highest rated teams over the first week of March 2020. Lamesauce’s Xbox Showcase is a Double-Elimination Tournament with each match competed in a Best of 3.

First time here? please read the full rules PDF:

Full rules PDF

Quick Rule Overview

Lobby Settings

  • Tournament Staff will create a lobby and invite Team Captains; captains will invite their teammates
  • Tournament Staff will instruct players on when to play your next matches
  • No Spectators slots besides tournament staff or casters
  • No coaches or team staff are allowed to spectate
  • Team subs are not to be in the lobby until subbed in
  • Matches will be played on USA Central server

Match Settings

  • Live server patch, with all heroes enabled
  • Role Lock (2/2/2) Enabled
  • Competitive Preset
  • USA Central Server Preference
  • Skins are disabled
  • Killcam disabled
  • Invite Only

Map Selection

First Map

  • Low Seed picks game mode (2CP or Escort)
  • High Seed picks map in chosen game mode

Second Map

  • Hybrid: Loser picks game mode (2CP or Escort)

Third Map

  • Control: Best of 3
  • Loser picks map

Tiebreaker Map

  • Control: Best of 1
  • Loser picks unchosen Control Map

Map Pool

  • Control: Nepal / Lijiang Tower
  • Escort: Route 66 / Gibraltar
  • Assault/2CP: Hanamura / Volskaya
  • Hybrid: King's Row / Eichenwalde / Hollywood

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Lamesauce's Xbox Showcase will be held over the evenings of March 4-6.

Registration is open until Thursday, February 27th at 11:59PM EST. Qualifying Teams will be notified by Friday, February 28th at 11:59PM EST. Rosters will be finalized by Saturday, February 29th at 11:59PM EST. Seeding will be released Sunday, March 1st, by 11:59PM EST.

The Showcase is a double-elimination tournament. Each game is played in a Best of 3.

Unfortunately, once your roster is submitted it is final. We had too many resubmissions and changes from previous tournaments that caused more work for staff. So please, submit the signup form only once when your team roster is finalized. Subsequent submissions will be ignored.

This is an NA tournament played on NA servers. EU teams may register and if the SR is high enough invited, but no accomodations for ping will be accounted for

Yes, live bracket standings will be at

Absolutely! Donations are accepted here:

Feel free to message the Tournament Lead, jimmyeppley#1337 on Discord for any other questions.