OWEX (Overwatch European Expanse) exists to provide players with a competitive environment, have fun and gain experience playing in a competitive team on a regional (Spain, Portugal, France and the Island of Ireland - ROI and NI - are the regions available this season) and inter-regional level. It's available in crossplay!

Season Schedule

Event Dates
Signups Open Friday, July. 9th
Signups Close Thursday, July 15th
Tournament Starts Saturday, July, 23rd
International Play-offs July 23rd - 25th
Friday 23rd 20:00 CEST 14:00 ET
Saturday 24th 16:00 CEST 10:00 ET
Sunday 25th 16:00 CEST 10:00 ET

Island of Ireland includes the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. North Ireland players can participate in this event

Find the OWEX Quick Rule Overview here:

OWEX Quick Rule Overview

Find the full event rulebook here:

Official Rulebook

Workshop code: 5G55H

Frequently Asked Questions


The Overwatch European Expanse is a new tournament produced by EHE that aims to empower national communities for its development OWEX lasts two weeks, a first of national qualifiers and a second where the best of each country will face each other to see who is the best team of all.

OWEX is a tournament that aims to develop the Overwatch community from its main root and provide new talent to Europe and create solid structures that allow the creation of new teams to the continental player base.

At the moment Spain, Portugal, France and the Island of Ireland are the participating regions on this first edition, but we intend to open the competition to new national communities that request it.

About OWEX Tournament

OWEX is licensed by Blizzard.

Two weeks, one for the national tournament and a second week for the European finals, in the next editions we will adapt the duration of the tournament and structure to the needs of each community.

Yes, the tournament will be broadcast on the official channels of the competition.

If you want your country to be among the participants in the next editions, contact an admin and we can start working together.

There is no limit of participants per country, in fact OWEX is characterized by making the format more flexible according to the needs of each community.

Of course, contact an admin and we can guide you on how to enter the OWEX team.

When the summer is over. We are planning season 2.


You can check it at the OWEX page elohell.gg/owex on the rulebook section

You will have a team of tournament admins available to solve any problem or question you may have.