Pluto Cup

Pluto Cup is the spiritual successor to the Peasant Cup! We will be running this event monthly for EHE supporters. (This includes Youtube, Patreon, and Twitch) Pluto Cup is a two-stage Overwatch & VALORANT Tournament with a SR bracket seeded round-robin group stage, leading into a single elimination bracket for both winners and losers of each group!

Signup Information

Solo sign-ups must be a twitch subscriber, youtube member, or platinum ($5) level patreon member.

Duo sign-ups must have one individual who is a twitch sub, platinum patreon level, or youtube member.

  • Note: the average SR of a duo must be below 3500SR

Team sign-ups must have at least 3 members who are twitch subscribers, youtube members, or patreon platinum members. They may also be eligible if at least one member is a master level patreon supporter ($15)

What's New?

Different from Peasant Cup, in Pluto Cup you can now sign up with a friend as a duo signup in addition to our solo signups. All of these players are grouped together to form as many balanced teams as possible, and play head to head for the title of CHAMPION in our discord servers!


The first day is a round robin style group stage, where groups of 4 duke it out to see who will move on the next day to each playoff bracket. Depending on the number of teams formed determines how many playoff games will be played. If there are less than 32 teams, the top 2 from each group will move on to the upper bracket, and the bottom 2 will move on to the lower bracket. Any more than 32 teams, and there will be an additional match on Saturday to narrow down the number of teams to 32.

First time here? please read the full rules PDF:

Full rules PDF

Quick Rule Overview


All participants must:

  • Play on account that is at least level 100
  • Be placed in season 22
  • Be at least 1500 sr
  • Have a microphone and satisfactory internet connection (<120ms to either EU France or NA Central)

Tournament Format

Day 1 is the group stage, where teams will be separated into as many groups of 4 as possible, playing each member of their group once. After all 3 games are played, the top 16 teams across all groups advance to the Upper Playoffs and the next* 16 teams advance to the Lower Playoffs. Playoffs are a single elimination bracket.

Note: the top 16 teams could be the top 1 or 2 teams in each group depending on the number of teams in the tournament.


Each team is allowed 5 minutes of pause time per match. All pauses must take place after teamfights. Disconnects use pause time.


Subs do not need to be subscribed to EHE in any way, they may play for free. They may not be higher than 250 sr from the sr of the original player. Subs can only be swapped in inbetween map stages or before the map starts. Subs must be declared by team captains when they are made, and will be reviewed by the group admin.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Two days long, for 4-5 hours each day.

For all players, your registered role SR cannot be lower than 1500. For balance reasons, we also require that duo signups have an average role SR of less than 3500. Unlike duos, teams have no sr cap.

There is no monetary prize pool at this time, but you do get a cool discord role I guess ¯(ツ)

We tried to schedule Pluto Cup around GG so that teams and individuals could do both, if they wish. You can do both.

During the group stage, admins will announce what map will be played each round. In the playoffs, the higher seed in the toornament bracket will choose the map.

You will contact your group admin first, and if the issue requires it the tournament admin (ex#9897 for EU or Kalrex#4542 from NA) will step in.

The full schedule is posted at the end of the rulebook, but there will also be lots of pings in the Elo Hell Discord reminding everyone in the days before the tournament begins.

We will have premade discord channels for you and your team to join and use for the duration of the tournament. You could use a Discord group chat if you wish to communicate prior to the tournament.

Lots of teams will need ringers/ substitute players the day of the event. Some people who registered won’t be able to make the event. That’s where you come in! You can ring for any team day of without needing to subscribe to any of our twitch channels. You do however, still need to follow all the other eligibility rules.