Welcome to Santa’s Workshop Throwdown—a competitive celebration of the Overwatch community’s innovative custom game modes. 48 EU players and 72 NA players will duke it out in a gauntlet of the wackiest workshop modes we could find. In all this 12-player free-for-all naughtiness, do you have what it takes to be crowned King of the Nice List?

Naturally, the first step in topping the nice list is reading the rules like any goodie two-shoes. Once you do, sign up for your region and get ready to... well, THROW DOWN!


Backup Modes

Workshop modes can be unstable at times, and may break (especially after a patch.) If any gamemode ceases to function it may be replaced by one of these gamemodes at the discretion of the admin team.

DISCLAIMER: Playing in this tournament is a privilege and not a right, any players signing up should be aware that you are not guaranteed to get spot, it is based off number of sign-ups and it is first come, first served.

First time here? please read the full rules PDF:

Full rules PDF